Choon Choi, AIA, KIA    최춘웅 崔春雄

Choon Choi is an architect based in Seoul and associate professor of architecture at Seoul National University Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering.

He has participated in various exhibitions including Platform in Kimusa (2009), PLAYTIME at Seoul Station (2011), Brilliant Collaborators at Ilmin Museum (2013), Space Project #1 at ArtSonje (2014), New Shelters at Arko Art Center (2016), and the Void at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art  Seoul (2016).

Team (2007-2018): Pyo Changyeon, Choi Seungho, Park Jieun, Jo Minjung, Lee Dammy, Joo Myounghyun, Lee Mincheol


Laboratory for Architecture Culture    건축문화연구실

Led by Prof. Choon Choi, the LAC at the Seoul National University is an academic forum for promoting trans-disciplinary research on architecture with a particular focus on the historical and cultural context of contemporary Korea.

건축문화연구실은 건축의 확장된 문화적 정의를 통해 다양한 분야들과 교류와 통섭을 도모하고, 특히 한국의 사회적, 문화적, 정치적 배경 속에서 생성되는 건축문화의 특성을 연구한다.

Team (2009-2018):

Shin Myoung, Kim Jiyoung, Song Taehwan, Yoon Jaewon, Pyo Changyeon, Lee Mikyoung, Kim Yujin, Joo Myounghyun

Cho Woori, Kim Sunah, Paul Mullins, Jason Houliston, Steven Park Chaffer, Kim Dohyun, Kang Hansoo, Nouanseng Phonesaly, Jo Yunho, Cho Yonghyun, Choi Yunha